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Larissa Harris

Published on Thursday, March 31, 2011 by admin

Larissa Harris is a curator at the Queens Museum of Art. Exhibitions at QMA include Red Lines Housing Crisis Learning Center, a project on home finance by artist and urban designer Damon Rich; The Curse of Bigness, which featured major works by Survival Research Laboratories, J. Morgan Puett, and Dexter Sinister, among others; and the first U.S. solo presentation of Korean video and performance artist Sung Hwan Kim. In addition, she is helping plan a new long-term artist residency in Corona, Queens, the largely new-immigrant neighborhood on which the museum borders, with partners at Queens College CUNY. The first long-term resident is Tania Bruguera, invited in partnership with Creative Time. From 2004-2008 she was associate director at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT where she and staff commissioned and produced new work by Michael Smith, Damon Rich/ the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), John Malpede, and Xavier Le Roy; instituted a visiting artist series (Vito Acconci/ Acconci Studio, Miranda July, Judith Barry, Seth Price, Dexter Sinister, and Rachel Harrison, among others); a student residency program; and a residency for Boston-area artists.

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    • Larissa is a brilliant Curator – I love working with her!

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